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Modular platform for process monitoring and supervisory control

The ifakFAST Mediator enables the composition and integration of modules that provide specific functionality for generic automation needs including data acquisition, visualization, alarm management and control. It can be used to build SCADA-like applications by combining generic modules like data acquisition with application specific modules, e.g. for asset management or online sensor quality evaluation.

The Mediator core is responsible for supervision and integration of the modules and provides time series data management and role-based rights management. Higher-level functionality needs to be provided by modules. A module is a software component with a specific configuration model (typically in form of an XML file) that defines a set of variables. A variable represents a runtime changing value with timestamp and quality, e.g. a measurement or set-point. A module may read and write variables and the configuration of other modules and may provide specific services for use by other modules.

Running the Mediator requires .Net Core 3.1. Future versions of the Mediator will allow for creating modules with Java.

The Mediator core and all generic modules in this repository are licensed under the MIT License. We offer professional support for development and customization of ifakFAST based solutions.

Available generic modules

Module IO

Module Dashboard

Module EventLog

Module Calculation

Quick Start

  1. Get the latest release
  2. Unzip
  3. Run: Either start Run.bat on Windows or type sh Run.bat on Linux
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8082/ using the browser
  5. Login with user name and password, for default values see ReadMe.txt

Further documentation

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